September Music Suggestions

Here are some things I’ve been listening to this month that you might enjoy:

Curtis McMurtry

Respectable Enemy - Curtis McMurtry
Curtis McMurty’s Respectable Enemy

I have long been a fan of both Curtis’s father (James McMurtry), and grandfather (Larry McMurtry), and I knew that Curtis had played trombone, of all things, on one of his father’s records, but I wasn’t really aware of him as a songwriter until James tweeted a link to his bandcamp page that had a free track. I was…not excited, shall I say? The free song turned out to be the first on the album, and I really wish the free track was one of the others, because there are some that are better than the free track. Eventually, curiosity got the best of me, and I bought the whole album. It is equal parts the record of a 23 year old, full of young failed love songs and alienation, and a much wiser man, about regret and redemption. Every so often, though, he’ll say something simple that belies a depth beyond either of those two extremes, and it is for these flashes of light through the murky water that I recommend this album.

Haley Dreis

Lady With A Rocket - Haley Dreis
Haley Dreis – Lady With A Rocket

I met Haley at a Pat Pattison seminar a few years ago. I liked her songs, so I signed up for her mailing list, and eventually bought “Lady With a Rocket” when it came out. I like the production of her records and the well crafted lyrics. She’s playful and betrayed and confused and resolved. Very good stuff.


Pavelle Album art
Pavelle Album art

Here’s an NYC band that has a lead singer that looks like Zack de la Rocha with bracelets! Seriously though, this is good harder indie rock. Julian Jacobson is the rhythm guitar player. I used to jam with him when I would come back to Breckenridge from Berklee for the summer. Take a listen to Pavelle. They are good at rocking.

Syd Arthur

Sound Mirror - Syd Arthur
Syd Arthur -Sound Mirror

I spend some time in the YouTube Vinyl Community, and there has been a lot of buzz as of late about his band. They are progressive and use nice odd time signatures and their lyrics are not terrible, as can be the case with lots of progressive rock bands. Their latest record, “Sound Mirror,” is great and worth getting.




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